“I would like young people to come to know Christ Jesus who will lead us in truth to the joy of the Gospel. This award scheme will enable so many of our young people to grow in discipleship and experience their faith as a lived reality, ever more moving from mind and heart into deed.”

Bishop Terence Patrick Drainey
Bishop of Middlesbrough

The Faith in Action Award has been created to facilitate an exploration of scripture and Church teaching, with an emphasis on translating this into action. The programme rewards active service in schools and parishes, encouraging participants to take their service into the wider community and accept greater responsibility for their faith in action. It encourages them to shine the light of faith upon their experience, reflecting upon how this shapes and moulds them as young people.


Who is it for?

  • Y6 Primary School
  • Pre / Post Confirmation Groups
  • Parish Youth Groups
  • Y8-13 Secondary School

Primary School

  • Year Six Children Only
  • All done in school
  • Reflection on current projects
  • May inspire new projects
  • May build new relationships
  • Helps transition

Secondary School

  • Bronze, silver and gold awards
  • Projects include outreach
  • Projects encourage leadership as well as personal reflection
  • Fits from Y8 – Y13 (Y10 minimum for gold award)
  • Fits around exam timetable
  • Participants can enter scheme at any level without having completed previous levels